A comprehensive overhaul and stop notice service for TXII, TX4 and Mercedes Benz Vito Taxi's

PCO Licence Overhauls and Stop Notices
  • Overhauls
  • Stop Notices
  • Taxi Meter replacement
  • Mandatory Repairs
  • Full Valet Service

Running a successful London black taxi fleet we regularly present vehicles for compliance testing PCO / NSL inspections.

TFL demand a high standards for London Taxis and part of those standards includes presenting your vehicle for compliance testing at the PCO / NSL every year when a new certificate is issued. Like an MOT for a car any work found will have to be completed before the certificate is issued.

Our years of experience in the black taxi hire business allows us to prepare a taxi ready for inspection and ready to pass the inspection first presentation saving time and money. 

High Standards quick turn around and the quality of our workmanship mean your cab goes through in the fastest time possible. The fast turnaround means less time, less cost and fewer headaches for you

For more details of how we can help with PCO / NSL Inspections contact Sheldon or Alan or for detail of other offers to black taxi drivers join our mailing list

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